Improved Eventing Safety: Horse/Fence Interaction in Rotational Fall Dynamics

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the primary objective of this effort is to develop progressively higher-fidelity analyses, validated with video analysis (and phenomenological experiments if needed), to identify key motion and design variables of the horse/fence system - in particular at the horse/fence contact interface - that can prevent or mitigate the onset of rotational motion. With validated analyses, we will then be able to achieve the following goals: 1) define limits for the proper use of currently available frangible devices for the most effective incident prevention, 2) define geometric parameters at the contact point to improve safety of fences where incorporation of devices is not possible, and 3) define requirements for design of deformable/resettable systems to enable the development of more safety options in the future.
Effective start/end date1/1/161/1/16


  • United States Eventing Association


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