Improving Fertility during heat stress in lactating dairy cows

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DAIReXNET, with financial support from the sub-contract in this proposal, will provide (1) 1 webinar for Extension educators/specialists nationally as continuing education, (2) 1 webinar for the public (i.e. veterinarians, dairy producers, and allied industry partners), (3) all webinars will be archived to the web, (4) teaching materials in Powerpoint format from these webinars will be loaded to the web for future download, (5) evaluations measuring the short term impact of these materials will be accessed by those attending the live sessions of the webinars, (6) up to 3 articles summarizing the practical implementations of this project will be peer-reviewed and if accepted will be published to the DAIReXNET website, and (7) an interactive decision aid developed will be posted through DAIReXNET website. The research results from this project have great potential to help the dairy industry. By collaborating with DAIReXNET, those results will be made available in a much more rapid manner.
Effective start/end date3/1/102/28/14


  • University of Florida: $60,000.00


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