Improving Motor Vehicle Crash-related Trauma Data Quality and Completeness

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The 2016 assessment of Kentucky traffic data systems by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identified several opportunities for progress in bringing the state trauma registry into compliance with NHTSA best practices. Addressing these issues will be part of the state’s comprehensive strategic planning process during the coming year. Trauma services that participate voluntarily in the Kentucky trauma system have demonstrated that they understand the importance of quality in trauma data collection, management, and reporting. In order to provide actionable input to the state strategic plan in this area, we will convene a representative group from the state’s reporting facilities at each level to translate the NHTSA recommendations into consensus standards for statewide implementation. This work will be coordinated by leadership of the state Trauma Advisory Council, with semi-monthly videoconference meetings typically attended by representatives of participating hospitals at all levels, in addition to EMS and other stakeholders. The voluntary nature of Kentucky’s trauma system means that more complete data reporting can only be achieved if we will continue to support facilities that initiate reporting to the state trauma system; we therefore propose to add 3 Level IV hospitals and 1 Level III hospital. We will sponsor or co-sponsor four trainings for trauma system staff with a focus on trauma registrars. Finally, we will continue to document the status of our work towards state and NHTSA goals through ad hoc and annual analyses of trauma system data.
Effective start/end date10/1/189/30/19


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $95,671.00


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