Improving Quality, Flow and Use of Information on the Effects of Virginia's Improvement Interventions in Part B and Part C Focus Area 3


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Virginia is challenged by the need to continue development of a coherent and consistent approach to results-focused systems change. The many performance assessment, evaluation, planning, monitoring and reporting processes required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) must be integrated with similar requirements and approaches within Virginia. Great strides in these areas have been made through constant focus on the State Improvement Plan in the Department of Education and the new Monitoring Improvement and Measurement System (MIMS) in the Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, but much remains to be done. The University of Kentucky (UK) has been designated by these Departments to coordinate the following objectives and expected outcomes: 1. Develop, pilot-test and install evaluation approaches for both Part B and Part C to: a. Develop plans, procedures and instrumentation as needed to determine the extent to which at least one Part B and one Part C key CIMP improvement strategy results in the desired changes, b. Conducting at least two evaluations and producing formal evaluation reports about the effects and the linkages in the logic models, c. Integrate, into state agency procedures, methods for using such data to refine the logic models and the specific interventions or plans. 2. Enhance the linkages across Part B and Part C CIMP processes by a. Defining the desired and expected relationships across the two logic models and b. Developing plans and agreements to ensure communication regarding a shared agenda for Virginia. 3. As an enhancement, increase state capacity to integrate the performance measurement and evaluation approach into ongoing operations by: a. Developing materials on state-level comprehensive evaluation approaches, and b. Conducting performance measurement and evaluation training for state staff and their partners in state improvement planning and implementation. The project will function primarily within Virginia with Virginia personnel. Guidance will come from Department staff, consultants and grantees currently involved in state performance measurement and evaluation activities for Parts Band C, including individuals from The College of William and Mary, Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of North Carolina and the stakeholders on the CIMP Steering Committee(s). The project will capitalize on current data and databases to minimize additional data collections, but where new data or analyses are needed, arrangements will be made with individuals with disabilities and organizations that focus on employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Expertise across the agencies and Universities will be maximized to capitalize on work to date, build in-state capacity, enhance relationships and leave Virginia with feasible systems and procedures to continue after the project ends.
Effective start/end date11/1/0110/31/04


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