Improving Racial Equity in Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Medicaid

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Scope of Work: Dr. Talbert (University of Kentucky) will participate in the Medicaid Distributed Research Network (DRN) established for this project in collaboration with the State-University Partnership Learning Network supported by NIH NIDA, and the University of Pittsburgh. Following the precepts of a DRN researchers at UK will adopt a Common Data Model, apply standardized coding methods, and contribute results to the University of Pittsburgh which will serve as the Coordinating Center for this project. Researchers will conduct analyses of Kentucky Medicaid data to examine access, quality and outcomes of treatment for opioid use disorder for this project. Researchers will participate in all aspects of the project from the design and conduct of analyses to dissemination of results. They will engage regularly with their SUPLN colleagues on monthly Steering Committee and biweekly Methods Core meetings. Researchers will work closely with state and federal stakeholders to disseminate results from this project to inform development of policies and programs to improve care for opioid use disorder.
Effective start/end date9/1/227/31/26


  • University of Pittsburgh: $187,889.00


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