Improving Soybean Yield in the Double Crop Soybean Production System

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Double cropping soybeans is a popular production practice in many states across the US Corn Belt including the Ohio River Region, Mid-South, and the Plains Region totalling 11 states. In addition, double cropping also is prevalent in the Mid-Atlantic coastal states in which double crop research activities currently are funded by the USB. While the soy/wheat double cropping system is popular, most producers do not manage double crop soybeans as aggressively as full-season soybeans, and yields are less. The goal of this double crop project is to improve the yield and profitability of soybeans grown in double crop systems without sacrificing wheat yield or profitability. Over the course of three years, these three regions (Mid-South, Ohio River, and Plains) will conduct research and create fact sheets or management guides to communicate the importance of adopting best management practices.
Effective start/end date1/1/1612/1/16


  • North Central Soybean Research Program: $20,000.00


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