Improving the Scope and Quality of Kentucky Trauma Data

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In response to the 2012 Traffic Record Assessment report's recommendation to "increase the number of hospitals reporting to the trauma registry," we continue to add reporting facilities and are on track to meet the 2016 goal of 34, an increase of 6 from 2015. We have received expressions of interest from several additional facilities and request funding in the amount of $11,900 to support reporting software activation for 5 new facilities in FY 2017. We are also requesting $20,000 to support the state's trauma registry software because we have no other support for this critical initiative and must maintain the state system in order to maintain the state trauma registry as a whole. Preliminary data show a total of 12,525 reported cases for the 2015 calendar year, and we project the addition of at least 1,000 more cases to the reporting volume in 2017. In order to improve the accuracy and functionality of trauma registry data, in consultation with trauma system clinical leadership, we also propose to add several data fields that will support the development of uniform performance standards that enhance the system's reliabili
Effective start/end date10/1/169/30/17


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $100,000.00


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