Improving the UK Pre-service Teacher Education Programs in Agriculture

  • Horstmeier, Robin (PI)
  • Knight, Charles (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The purpose of this project is to refine, develop and implement new content and strategies to the University of Kentucky teacher education program in agriculture. Teacher eductors in this specific technical education program will participate in a comprehensive, intensive and state-of-the art professional development activities. The focus will be on updating the undergraduate curriculum and its content to include a variety of teaching strategies which will result in better prepared Career and Technical Educators in the classroom. Faculty development and travel to professional development meetings and conferences is a key component of this proposal. Funding will provide opportunites to attend current research sessions on a variety of topics: incorporating a variety of approaches to leaming, implementing effective teaching skills, involving parents and the community, strengthening intergration of academics, using technology, and actively involving all students in the classroom. These national, regional and state-wide professional development opportunities will strengthen the faculty's knowledge base and advance Career and Technical Education to those preservice teachers and inservice teachers for which they serve. A focus on the undergraduate curriculum will be a priority. Funding through this project will allow faculty to provide a leaming environment that actively involves all students and also enhances technology applications throughout the curriculum. New methods of teaching and strategies for instruction will be implemented, to reach all types of leamers and current research will be incorporated. Students willieam how to create tools such as digital portfolios and websites, and as classroom teachers these skills will be utilized to communicate with students, parents, businesses and community about the CTE program. New content will also be incorporated through the curriculum revision. Teaching methods and strategies based on current research will be infused into all new courses (Introduction, Practicum, Foundations, and Methods). Community leadership opportunites through the student organization, Agricultural Education Society will continue. Leadership to others across the Commonwealth will result from participation in faculty development. As a member of the Kentucky TEAM AGED, University of Kentucky faculty will collaborate with inservice teachers, state staff and other teacher educators to become more effective in teacher education for agriculture. This grant supports in-state travel to accomplish the TEAM AGED mission for the Commonwealth.
Effective start/end date3/1/056/30/05


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