Improving Transition Outcomes in Autism Spectrum Disorder Using COMPASS

  • Ruble, Lisa (PI)
  • Kleinert, Harold (CoI)
  • Toland, Michael (CoI)
  • Stevenson, Jennifer (Former CoI)

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Adapt compass procedures/protocol to transition age youth (YR1). Conduct focus groups with parents, teachers, service providers and get feedback on concerns at this age, what key outcomes should be evaluated for transition, compass parent and teacher/provider forms, who are the other key players who need to be involved, even feasibility of compass, issues related to implementation of intervention plans (who should be overseeing their implementation) and parents other concerns. Identify key measures that would need to be adapted/developed (such as transition plan quality, GAS) Pilot test new procedures with mixed methods
Effective start/end date8/22/146/30/18


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