Improving Trauma Registry Data M3DA-2022-00-00-03

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Improving State Trauma Registry Data Abstract: A substantial body of evidence supports the ability of state trauma systems to reduce the toll of motor vehicle crash-related injuries. Kentucky''s trauma system is voluntary and currently includes 29 of the state''s 93 general acute care hospitals. Quarterly reporting to the state trauma registry includes elements dictated by the National Trauma Data Bank as well as state-specific metrics. Since its inception, the state trauma registry has been managed by the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center, a bona fide agent of the state Department for Public Health housed at the University of Kentucky. The trauma system is governed by state law and guided by an advisory council appointed by the state''s commissioner of public health. We propose several steps to enhance the uniformity, timeliness, accuracy, and integration of trauma registry data. Importantly, these steps would be undertaken in collaboration with hospitals that have experienced unprecedented strains in the response to the Covid- 19 pandemic. The proposed activities are therefore framed as supporting hospitals as they work towards participation or reengagement with the state trauma system, gleaning lessons from their pandemic response to strengthen all-hazards preparedness.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $99,555.00


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