In-Depth Investigation of LGBT Collections in School Media Centers

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Nearly every school media center serves some lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) students, many of whom are targets of bullying. In the past few years, anti-bulling initiatives have been develop and implemented in hopes of reducing bullying and the subsequent negative consequences of bullying. One step common to many anti-bullying campaigns is to increase the curricular and popular references to LGBT issues. However, we have limited knowledge about the collection of LGBT-themed materials in school media centers and how this may be related to anti-bullying campaigns. Previous research has focused on a quantitative or list-checking approach, which has yielded inconclusive information about factors that affect the collection of LGBT-themed materials in various types of libraries. The proposed research varies from this by taking a qualitative approach. School media specialists in one southern state will be interviewed in-depth to uncover their actions and perspectives on collecting LGBT-themed materials in their school media centers. In addition, this work is unique in that it seeks connections between anti-bullying campaigns and school media centers’ collections of LGBT-themed materials. This will provide us with an in-depth understanding of media specialists’ actions and perspectives, enabling us to better serve diverse populations such as LGBT students.
Effective start/end date9/15/145/1/17


  • American Library Association: $2,500.00


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