In-Furrow Fertilizer Placement for Corn

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Historical evidence has shown the greatest benefit to starter fertilizer (in]furrow and 2 X 2) in corn production at planting was for early planting, NT management, and poorly drained soils. The common denominators for yield response to close fertilizer placement at planting are cool, wet soils. Grove and others thoroughly investigated the use of starter fertilizer in corn around the turn of the century (1999 . 2001). Their results showed a positive relationship to starter fertilizer and corn yield at lower soil temperatures, lower landscape position, and earlier planting. Producers often question the validity of this research with ever changing hybrids and increasing corn yields. We plan to use modern technology to investigate the benefit to starter fertilizer on corn production on both well]drained and somewhat poorly drained soils in western Kentucky.
Effective start/end date2/1/1912/1/19


  • Kentucky Corn Growers Association: $10,000.00


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