In-Plant Testing of High-Efficiency Hydraulic Separators

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The proposed work will consist of a cooperative R&D program involving two major research universities (Virginia Tech and Unive~sity of Kentucky), a leading manufacturer of process equipment (Eriez Manufacturing, Inc.), two mineral processing operations (Cargill Fertilizer and Dupont Mining), and one coal processing facility (TECO Coal). In the first phase of the project, exploratory tests will be conducted at each of the three industrial sites using the high-efficiency separators described within this proposal. The tests conducted at Cargill Fertilizer will focus on improving the performance of their phosphate recovery circuits using the combined density-flotation (Hydro Float) hydraulic separator. Experimental studies will also be conducted at this site to evaluate the ability of the advanced classifier (CrossFlow) to simplify plant circuitry and reduce operating costs (i.e., power, water and reagent costs). Similar studies will be conducted at Dupont Mining for the purpose of improving metallurgical efficiency and reducing material handlings costs. For the case of TECO Coal, studies will be conducted using both of the high-efficiency processes to determine the most suitable strategy for improving the recovery and quality of saleable products from their fine coal processing circuits. After completing the exploratory studies, a second phase of work will be conducted at one or more of the industrial sites using a production-scale prototype separator. This phase of the project will encompass a broad spectrum of activities including engineering design, flowsheet development, equipment selection/specification, circuit construction/installation, circuit testing, circuit optimization, and technical/economic evaluations. The resultant information will be used to establish scale-up criteria and to project operating costs for additional installations of the proposed technologies.
Effective start/end date4/1/0312/30/05


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: $111,095.00


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