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ABSTRACT Endocannabinoid and Lipidomic Profiles in Plasma as Biomarkers of Substance Use Disorder We propose to collect plasma samples from participants enrolled in a newly awarded NIDA R01at the University of Kentucky (UK). This inpatient trial examines the effects of acute cannabis administration on outcomes related to opioid use disorder – severity of opioid withdrawal, opioid reward, and opioid safety. The pilot project proposed here will allow us to carefully collect plasma samples in a highly controlled research environment across all experimental conditions (as outlined below) to assess the profile of endocannabinoids and lipids in individuals with opioid use disorder and determine if cannabis modulates those profiles. This pilot study presents a rich opportunity to collaborate with IU scientists and access state-of-the-art analyses from the biomedical analysis core to collect the first controlled data in humans in this research area. The data collected during this pilot project will provide the first controlled data in humans on these topics and will provide 1) a summary profile of endocannabinoid/lipidomic tone in those with OUD, 2) a first look at how cannabinoids may change these profiles (e.g., regulate, dysregulate), and 3) new information on the therapeutic benefit/harms of cannabis in this population.
Effective start/end date8/15/236/30/24


  • Indiana University: $72,186.00


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