Indoor Air for America's Homes Focusing on Kentucky Historic Buildings

  • Adler, Linda (PI)

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Historic preservation can be an important link to making a community stronger, more attractive, and more dynamic. Just as the economy has changed over time, the uses and activities are also different than they once were. Many Kentucky communities have a distinctive major asset to help in revitalizing their communities - historic buildings and resources. Fifty-three Kentucky towns and cities have now been designated as Preserve America communities. The goals of this initiative include a strengthened regional identity and cultural heritage, increased local participation in preserving the communities heritage assets, and support for the economic vitality of the community. There are also 102 communities across the state who are actively involved in the Main Street program. In order for these programs to grow and prosper, it is important that members of the community understand the importance and value of preserving local historic resources. Older buildings are one of the key features that attract businesses, residents, and visitors to Kentucky communities, and retaining the character of these buildings can be an important asset to a community revitalization program. Awareness and knowledge of the decisions regarding the preservation or reuse of the distinctive buildings and historic features should become the responsibility of community members. In preserving and/or adapting these buildings, indoor air issues and actions must be given important consideration for the immediate and longrange health and safety of the people who will be using this space. This project will supportthe developmentof educationalmaterialsand activitiesthat will help to makepeople awareof health and safety issues involved with the planning of any change in historic buildings, including the selection of materials and systems within the building, potential health impacts, and solutions to problems often found in the preservation and/or adaptive reused of olderlhistoric buildings within their communities.
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