Install New Composting Facility at the University of Kentucky

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    Abstract: Install New Composting Facility at the University of Kentucky The proposed project is to purchase and install an Earth Flow Composting System on the University of Kentucky’s main campus. The Earth Flow system is an in-vessel composting system that would be located on the university’s main campus in the PPD Greenhouse area next to the soccer practice field. This new composting facility would replace the existing one UK currently uses in Woodford County. The Earth Flow Composting System will drastically increase the collection, diversion, and composting of food waste in addition to yard waste and other organic waste, which will help UK increase their total organic waste diversion rate and, thus, help reach UK’s goal of becoming a zero waste campus.
    Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/24


    • KY Department of Environmental Protection: $134,567.00


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