Installation of Seismic Equipment at BLKY

Grants and Contracts Details


This equipment is required in order to replace old or broken equipment currently being used to monitor seismicity in the vicinity of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP). A dense seismic network was installed in the vicinity of PGDP in 2002 to monitor earthquakes and to provide data for seismic hazard assessment. The seismic stations have been installed for about 10 years and some are in need of repair. In particular, the station at the Ballard Wildlife Management area (BLKY) was flooded and requires new seismic instruments. Funds are being provided to help facilitate the network upgrade. Purchase and installation of the new equipment is scheduled to be completed by June 2012.
Effective start/end date4/1/126/30/12


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet: $10,000.00


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