Integrated Studies of Overlapping Critical Mineral Systems in South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee

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Integrated studies of overlapping critical mineral systems in South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee Abbreviated: EMRI KY-TN 2023 Abstract The South-Central Kentucky and North-Central Tennessee mineral districts are situated in the Cumberland Saddle region of the Cincinnati Arch that separates the Illinois and Appalachian Basins. These mineral districts host deposits of sphalerite, galena, fluorite, and barite related to Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) (basin brine path) mineralization within units of the Lower Ordovician upper Knox Group. In addition to the MVT mineralization, Ordovician and Devonian sedimentary rocks that crop out across the districts are permissive for mineral commodities related to marine chemocline systems. The objectives of this project are two-fold: (i) generate geological maps and cross sections with emphasis on the most important factors on the mineral systems, and (ii) collect geochemical data to characterize the mineralizing fluids and identify the source of the metals and other ore components critical to the formation of these deposits. The final deliverables of this project are maps, geologic cross sections through relevant Devonian and Ordovician units, and a peer-reviewed publication integrating the geochemical and mapping results which will serve as the final report for the project.
Effective start/end date1/23/231/22/26


  • US Geological Survey: $288,750.00


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