Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care for Comorbid Behavioral and Medical Problems - Cluster Leader Agreement

  • Elder, William (PI)

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Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Cluster Leader Subcontract Scope of Work 1. Definitions 1.1. A Clinical Site is a primary care practice that meets the eligibility criteria described in the study protocol and has executed a subcontract with UVM for participation in the project. 1.2. A Cluster Leader is the person responsible for managing one or more clinical sites, including recruitment, eligibility assessment, liaison with UVM and other activities described below. 2. Responsibilities and Deliverables 2.1. Recruitment: 2.1.1. Explaining goals and methods of study to potential participants 2.1.2. Explaining eligibility requirements 2.1.3. Liaison for questions/answers 2.2. Eligibility assessment: 2.2.1. Confirm completion of eligibility conditions 2.2.2. Facilitate IRB approval 2.2.3. Facilitate Data Use Agreement 2.2.4. Facilitate Business Associate Agreement as needed 2.3. Onboarding stage: 2.3.1. Facilitate review of contract documents; 2.3.2. Review state law related to any Clinical Site concerns 2.4. Stage 1 of the Toolkit - Facilitate the following steps: 2.4.1. Overview of project with Clinical Site leadership team. 2.4.2. Clinical Site leader(s) orientation. 2.4.3. Selection of Redesign Design Team facilitator 2.4.4. Selection of Project Champion 2.4.5. Readiness assessment via on-line survey 2.4.6. Facilitate the Clinical Site leadership team to describe the next steps for integration and identify the goal for the Redesign Team. 2.4.7. Facilitate the Clinical Site leadership team to identify any administrative work needed prior to start up regarding reimbursement rules of insurance carriers and certification requirements/oversight of behavioral health providers 2.4.8. Facilitate the Clinical Site leadership team in planning inclusion of patients on the redesign team 2.4.9. Facilitate the Clinical Site leadership team in assignment of providers and staff to education modules 2.4.10. Facilitate the Clinical Site leadership team in supporting research data collection (PIP, E-H-R data, provider/staff survey) 2.4.11. Facilitate the Clinical Site leadership team in preparing the Redesign Team, e.g. selection of team members and meeting schedule 2.5. Stage 2 of Toolkit - monitor and support the following activities: 2.5.1. Handoff to Toolkit Coach 2.5.2. Periodic (biweekly) updates with Project Champion and Redesign Team facilitator 2.5.3. Identify and evaluate Stage 2 barriers and Redesign Team needs 2.5.4. Collaborate with Stage 2 Coach and Executive Team, as needed 2.5.5. Support Clinical Site staff attendance in Learning Collaborative sessions 2.5.6. Facilitate report of Redesign Team’s implementation plan to Stage 1 Clinical Site team 2.5.7. Confirm starting point of implementation 2.6. Stage 3 of Toolkit: monitor and support: 2.6.1. Periodic (bi-weekly to monthly) updates with Project Champion and Redesign Team facilitator 2.6.2. Identify and evaluate Stage 3 barriers and Clinical Site needs 2.6.3. Confirm end point of implementation 2.6.4. Confirmation and support of repeated measures (PIP, provider/staff surveys, key informant interviews, site visits, patient focus groups) 2.7. Data collection: 2.7.1. Provide liaison with data collection subcontractor (DARTNet) as necessary to facilitate data extraction from electronic health records and other sources 2.8. Ongoing duties: 2.8.1. Act as liaison for ongoing issues with IRB and other issues that arise regarding Clinical Sites. 2.8.2. Financial/contracting and other admin issues; 2.8.3. Facilitate site visits. 2.8.4. Periodic meetings with UVM staff 2.8.5. Participate in Learning Collaborative.
Effective start/end date4/1/164/1/18


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