Integrating Biological and Chemical Control to Save Our Ash

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Our overall objective is to evaluate the effects of EAB management approaches on forest composition and structure. Focusing on the feasibility of combining biological and chemical applications for sustainable suppression, we will assess EAB populations and associated natural enemies, and correlate them with changes in forest composition and structure. Our ultimate goal is to preserve ash resources in Kentucky. We plan to: „h Assess woody plant vegetation composition and structure. „h Evaluate the effects of: 1. natural enemy releases, 2. chemical protection at recommended rates, 3. combining biological control with reduced rates of chemicals, and 4. no control. „h Measure: 1) Adult and larval EAB populations annually, 2) Parasitization rates, and 3) Forest composition and structure compared to untreated controls.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/18


  • KY Division of Forestry: $133,733.00


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