Integrating mHealth for Alcohol Use Disorders into Clinical Practice

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As a co-investigator in the “Integrating mHealth for Alcohol Use Disorders into Clinical Practice” (PI: Andrew R. Quanbeck), I will participate in the development and evaluation of the clinician dashboard system for primary care providers. The clinician dashboard system will be integrated into electronic health record for easy access, and allow clinicians to record their intervention approaches when their patients appear to have high risks of lapses. Based on the data collected in the clinician dashboard system, I will analyze the relationships between the clinicians’ intervention actions and the chances of patients’ lapses in order to inform clinicians whether their actions are effective through the clinician report system. I will also assist with the randomized trial design and data analyses of the major outcomes. Major research activities include frequent emails and conference calls with the project teams at University of Wisconsin-Madison, reviewing the study plan and prototypes, data analyses and modeling, and infrequent travels to the Center and sites if needed.
Effective start/end date8/1/186/30/19


  • University of Wisconsin: $63,106.00


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