Integrating Spatial Educational Experiences (Isee) - Mapping a New Approach to Teaching and Learning Soil Science

  • Lee, Brian (PI)
  • Karathanasis, Anastasios (CoI)

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We will obtain a complete soils map of Kentucky from the NRCS from the most current version of the Soil Survey Geographic Database (SSURGO) database maintained by the National Soil Survey Center of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Dr. Brian Lee (GIS expert) will manage GIS work. Dr. Lee will work with Dr. Karathanasis (Soil Morphology and Classification Expert) and the KY State Soil Scientist in Lexington (Steve Blanford) to code the soils spatial database in a way that will be useful for teaching soil science to students at the University of Kentucky. Specifically, this will include thematic maps of 1) dominant soil parent material, 2) natural soil drainage class, 3) soil order, and 4) presence Fragipans, 5) suitability for dwellings with basements, 6) suitability for dwellings without basements, 7) Flooding Frequency. Once this work has been completed, we will send these datasets to the Purdue PIs for approval and submission to the Isee website. We will also add these datasets to our own cloud-based soil website for land use planning at the University of Kentucky located at Dr. Lee and Dr. Karathanasis both plan to attend the project meeting in Tampa (November 2013). Dr. Lee is also planning to attend the meeting at Purdue.
Effective start/end date9/1/138/31/17


  • Purdue University: $112,500.00


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