Intensive Phase I Archaeological Metal Detector Survey of a Portion of a Walking Trail at the White Hall State Historic Shrine, Madison County, Kentucky

  • Ahler, Steven (PI)

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Introduction This proposal has been prepared in response to a request from Ms. Shirl Cross of the Madison County Fiscal Court for a time and cost estimate for conducting additional Phase I archaeological survey along a segment of a proposed walking trail on property owned by the Madison County Fiscal Court adjacent to the White Hall State Historic Shrine in Madison County, Kentucky. This investigation is limited in extent and is intended to provide specific infonnation concerning the distribution of metal Civil War era artifacts identified in an earlier survey of the walking trail. The results of this field work and analyses will be incorporated into the existing (and pending) technical report on the archaeological resources along the proposed walking trail. Due to the nature of the artifacts in this portion of the property, the additional field work will be effected through intensive metal detector survey along the trail segment, followed by excavation at the locations of metal detector signals to retrieve specific types of artifacts.
Effective start/end date6/14/1112/31/11


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