Intensive Wheat Management, a Research and Educational Opportunity for KY

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The University of Kentucky Wheat Science Working Group along with the Kentucky Small Grain Utilization Committee, industry partners and wheat consultants in the 1990’s greatly improved wheat production practices, yields, and profits through research, promotion, and educational programs. Wheat grain prices have dipped in the past but have recently rebounded to favorable prices and the question arises about maximizing yields and profits through intensive management practices. Specific questions and concerns that should be addressed include: 1. Do newer varieties with higher yield potential require or tolerate a greater nitrogen (N) rate to maximize yields?; 2. Does N management influence the potential for spring freeze damage and lodging potential?; 3. Is the use of a plant growth regulator (e.g. Palisade) needed when pushing N rates to maximize yields?; 4. Is maximizing wheat yield an economically sustainable approach? We will produce wheat with an intensive management approach to answer these questions. We are proposing early planted wheat (e.g. first week of October) using two different high yielding modern hybrids with good disease packages as determined by the UK Small Grains Variety Testing Program. The varieties include Pioneer 26R59 and KAS Rage. We will use three fall N-rates (0, 30, and 60 lb N/A) and three spring rates (50, 100, and 150 lb N/A to determine how N management influences wheat yield and freeze potential. Finally, a plant growth regulator will be applied to half of the treatments to determine if the modern hybrids can tolerate high N rates without lodging. Like in the early 1990’s, education was key to providing information that led to increased wheat yields and profits to Kentucky wheat producers. In a similar fashion as the early 90’s, we also propose an educational component to this research project. We will provide in depth, hands-on training through the Kentucky Agriculture Training School (KATS). The KATS offers training session for corn, soybean, forages, and other related topics to align with the Grain and Forage Center of Excellence.
Effective start/end date9/1/2312/31/24


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association: $28,000.00


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