Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Children's Agricultural Health and Safety

  • Reed, Deborah (PI)
  • Witham, Deborah (CoI)

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The goals ofthis proj ect are (1) to increase the know ledge of children's agricultural health and safety among faculty and students of the University of Kentucky's Colleges of Nursing and Agriculture (i.e. agricultural communications) through health and safety messages produced by supervised undergraduate agricultural communications and nursing students and (2) for the team (faculty and students) to work in collaboration with pubic media to disseminate timely research-based fmdings through student produced media products. The short term obiective is to develop a model of interdisciplinary academic study in children's agricultural health and safety that includes field experience with the media and the agricultural community. The goals of the project support Goal III, number 8 ofthe 2001 Summit Report (Agribusiness, farm organizations, the farm media and other private sector groups should notably expand their involvement in efforts to exert greater influence toward the protection of children from agricultural injuries) (National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety, 2002). Specifically, this project tests an innovative strategy, strengthens partnerships between agricultural researchers, academia, and media, and translates research findings into practical applications (media messages). It focuses on priority topics "b" (r2p) and "c" (novel collaborations) in the request for proposals.
Effective start/end date10/1/059/29/06


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