International Education and Training for Food, Fiber, and Energy Production

  • Workman, Stephen (PI)
  • Roccanova, Janet (CoI)
  • Shearer, Scott (CoI)
  • Stombaugh, Timothy (CoI)
  • Gates, Richard (Former CoI)

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The University of Kentucky (UK) is currently engaged in an intense institutional process of internationalization. The key is to identify and overcome institutional barriers to internationalization (language, sustainability, institutional culture). This project will address several of these barriers. Project goals include facilitating intensive bi-directional research experiences for faculty and students in the US and Brazil, increasing agribusiness collaborations and professional development opportunities through sustained interactions with producers and processors in both countries, and developing an institutional model for expanding international partnerships from the departmental level to the university. It is our goal to produce a self sustaining exchange program between UK and Brazilian institutions. Our objective is to strengthen faculty and student awareness of the global dimensions of food, fiber, and energy production by capitalizing upon academic and professional opportunities for collaborations between two of the most important countries in these fields. Maximum benefits can be achieved by satisfying the following objectives: I. Expand and enhance international research opportunities for faculty and students. 2. Promote new agribusiness collaborations to expand professional engineering study and work opportunities for both US and Brazilian students. 3. Strengthen and expand the international education opportunities between UK and partner institutions in Brazil (especially UFY) by identifying and addressing critical institutional barriers, thereby developing a model for sustainability based upon the construction of university-wide initiatives from departmental ones. It is hoped that the solutions developed and tested as part ofthis project will serve as a model for university-wide initiatives at other institutions.
Effective start/end date9/1/087/31/13


  • Cooperative State Research Education and Extension: $100,000.00


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