International, Multicenter Registry to Collect Data of Treatment Patterns in Patients with Bilateral Condylar Fracture (BCFx) of the Mandible

  • Cunningham, Larry (PI)

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Official title: International, multicenter, prospective registry to collect data of treatment patterns of patients with bilateral condylar fracture (BCFx) of the mandible Abstract copied from Prospective data will be collected in approximately 250 patients sustaining BCFx with or without any additional fracture(s) of the symphysis. Patients will be followed according to the standard (routine) at approximately 6 weeks and 3 months after the treatment. Data collection will include fracture details (i.e.classification, mechanism of injury), treatment details, functional and patientreported outcomes, and anticipated or procedure- and implant-related adverse events (i.e. complications).
Effective start/end date3/17/171/28/18


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