International Society of Neurogastronomy 2016 Conference

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The objective of this conference grant request is to provide support for certain aspects of the 2nd annual meeting of the International Society of Neurogastronomy (ISN). ISN is a new society whose composition of scientists, clinicians, nutritionists, food service professionals and chefs naturally predisposes it to focus on translational issues fundamental to human health. The first specific objective is to provide the venue and opportunity that brings these groups together and facilitates the synergies that arise when distinctly different fields interact productively. The second specific objective is to attract and stimulate the young scientists that are the future of this new field of neurogastronomy. The third objective is to ensure that this new field has a culture of diversity, weaving this principle into its very DNA by recruiting persons of diverse backgrounds to the conference.
Effective start/end date9/13/168/31/17


  • National Institute on Deafness & Other Communications: $30,100.00


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