Intimate Partner Violence Surveillance

  • Fritsch, Travis (PI)

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The Intimate Partner Violence Surveillance (IPVS) project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to establish and maintain a statewide surveillance system to monitor the prevalence and incidence of IPV in Kentucky. OUTCOMES/DELIVERABLES/REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: 1. The IPVS project goals and objectives are outlined below by Quarters and organized by their projected starting dates. Objectives dealing with major goals are included and work products projected are based on the commitment of access to hospital Emergency Department data for comprehensive IPV Surveillance purposes. 2. Continue establishment of a reliable, IPVS System utilizing the individual and integrated findings from three existing IPV-related data sets: 1) population-based telephone surveys, 2) medical records, and 3) IPV-related practitioner records. 3. Access, abstract and analyze a convenience sample of hospital emergency department and medical records (specified IPV-related injury-codes.). 4. Conduct and report the findings from a fourth statewide self-report telephone survey designed to estimate the prevalence and nature of IPV in the Commonwealth. 5. Evaluate the methodologies and findings from the individual and integrated IPV datasets (previous surveys, medical/practitioner records) for IPV reliability, validity and predictability. 6. Provide the State and federal funding agent (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) with semi-annual and quarterly reports stating the progress on the objectives of the project. This is the Master Agreement. There is no other scope of work available.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


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