Intrastate Translocation of Elk to McCreary County, KY

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Title: Intrastate translocation of elk to McCreary County, KY Elk have grown to over 14,000 in Kentucky over the past two decades, but information about calf production and survival that is critical for sustainably managing the population is over a decade old. We propose to capture >50 elk within the elk management zone in southeast Kentucky as part of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources elk zone expansion plan. Biological samples will be collected from these elk to be incorporated in ongoing herd health research. GPS collars will also be deployed on the animals to examine post release movements. Funds will be used to increase the number of elk captured during ongoing elk research associated with another elk survival project that is ongoing with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources during the winter and summer field seasons in 2022.
Effective start/end date10/26/2110/27/23


  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: $80,000.00


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