Invasive Plant Cost-Share Project

Grants and Contracts Details


Utilizing grant funds ($156,225) from the Kentucky Division of Forestry we will partner with that organization and other partners on the following activities: " Establish a pilot cost-share program to manage non-native invasive plants that will be made available to non-industrial private forest landowners that have properties adjacent to significant conservation and/or restoration values. " Work directly with Division of Forestry and other partners to identify landowners that will qualify for cost-share funding through a ranking process. Cost-share funding and ranking will initially be based on the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's Environmental Quality Incentive Program guidelines. Cost-share funding is typically 75% of the estimated cost of removing invasive plants but can vary depending on the types of plants encountered. Depending on the number of applicants as well as the type and intensity of invasive plant infestations adjustments may be necessary. " Develop cost-share funding paperwork with successful cost-share recipients to reimburse them for project related expenses. " Provide technical assistance as needed and monitor progress and completion of approved practices.
Effective start/end date11/15/146/30/16


  • KY Division of Forestry: $112,583.00


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