Investigate Tie Bars and Dowel Bars on Audubon Pkwy using GPR (KHIT 74)

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Objectives of Study: To perfonn an assessment of the transverse dowel bar assembly locations with respect to vertical and horizontal translation and skewedness using ground penetrating radar (GPR). VerifY the elevation and the presence of both the longitudinal tie bars and shoulder tie bars. Both the dowel and tie bars that appear less two inches andlor missing will be marked in the field. Dowel assemblies that are skewed more than three inches will also be marked in the field. It is to be assumed that the high dowel baskets and tie bars will have been cut during the sawing operation as specified in KYTC Standard Drawings RPX-020-03. The baskets that are skewed more than three inches appear to accelerate joint deterioration as outlined in NCHRP 637 "Guidelines for Dowel Aligmnent in Concrete Pavement" and AASHTO MEPDG.
Effective start/end date11/20/1112/31/12


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $82,414.00


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