Investigation of Alternatives for Restoring Headwater Streams via Sediment Pond Removal

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A pilot scale study is required to better assess current mining practices related to sediment pond removal and to develop cost-efficient and effective techniques for rcstoring headwater strcams in the Appalachian Coal Belt Region. The objectives of this pilot study are to: ]. Monitor and document down-gradient sediment concentrations associated with improved sediment pond removal techniques. 2. Develop design techniques for restoring the function of headwater streams and floodplains following sediment pond removal. 3. Re-establish high-value hardwood trees to provide shading, orgamc matter. habitat and stream bank stability as part of the restoration design. 4. Document the economic factors associated with these new methods for sediment pond removal and headwater stream restoration.
Effective start/end date10/1/056/30/10


  • KY Public Protection and Regulation Cabinet: $44,278.00


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