Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Intermetallic Li-ion Anodes

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NREL seeks to engage with prof. Yang-Tse (YT) Cheng at University of Kentucky to conduct testing and analysis of mechanical properties of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) anode materials. NREL has an existing DOE-funded program focused on the development of next-generation intermetallic anodes for Li-ion battery. NREL seeks the assistance of the University of Kentucky in the preparation, evaluation and analysis of mechnical properties of Li-ion intermetallic samples developed at NREL. The proposed work will focus on mechanical measurements for Li-ion anodes as well as analysis of the impact of polymer binder materials on the mechanical properties of the electrodes with the assistance of NREL staff.
Effective start/end date2/28/171/11/19


  • Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC: $88,544.00


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