Investigation of Stay Cables on the US 231 Natcher Bridge over the Ohio River Near Owensboro, Kentucky Highway Investigative Task No. 66

  • Hopwood, Theodore (PI)

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A recent KTC inspection of the US 231 (Natcher) bridge over the Ohio River near Owensboro revealed several problems with the stay cable sheathing including cracking in polyethylene fittings, displacement of fittings (exposing internal strands) and voids in the protective grout. All of those may result in loss of corrosion protection and subsequent damage to the wires that comprise the load-bearing elements in the cables. That may result premature cable failure and expensive rehabilitation. At the recent KTC inspection, samples were taken of water entrained in several of the cables at the lower anchorages. Additional samples were taken of grease and light metal pieces found in the end caps upon their removal. Additionally, corrosion was detected on the inside of the end caps and on a split retainer. The proposed work includes investigation of the water samples, grease and light metal pieces to identify their chemical composition and determine whether any chemical constituents are present that may indicate wire corrosion and a harmful environment inside the cables or at the anchorages. That work is to be performed by IMR. Work will also be performed to identify further testing (and test specialists) to investigate the current corrosion condition of the cables, type/cause of distress in the polyethylene fittings and assess the potential for cable movement as a factor in the cable distress
Effective start/end date6/24/097/31/10


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