Investigations of Ever Evolving Italian Ryegrass Control in Winter Wheat

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Abstract Italian ryegrass (annual ryegrass) con nues to be problema c in Kentucky wheat acres and has shown rapid increases in infesta ons across the state. This weed species has proved to be the most problema c weed for Kentucky wheat growers with our previous research iden fying mul ple popula ons of glyphosate-resistant, pinoxaden (Axial XL), and pinoxaden plus fenoxaprop (Axial Bold) resistant annual ryegrass in Kentucky wheat ?elds. In the absence of a post-emergence herbicide op on many Kentucky wheat growers have u lized pyroxasulfone based residual herbicides for control of ryegrass. While these preemergence herbicides have proven to be e?ec ve for suppressing fall emerging ryegrass plants, we have witnessed more ryegrass emergence in the spring months when fall applied residuals have dissipated. The previous mild Kentucky winter have likely contributed to this trend of increased spring ryegrass emergence, but also has accelerated residual herbicide degrada on. Research needs to be conducted to further examine how to maximize residual herbicide for both fall and spring emerging popula ons of Italian ryegrass in Kentucky wheat. Addi onally, we must think beyond herbicides for future control of this weed species. The lack of poten al postemergence herbicides in the very near future and limita ons of currently e?ec ve preemergence herbicides call for addi onal control tac cs such as harvest weed seed control at harvest. Our previous research has shown that a seed control unit, such as the Redekop Seed Control Unit, can e?ec vely reduce Italian ryegrass seed deposited onto the ?eld at wheat harvest. Sha ering of ryegrass seed at the combine header negated the u lity of the SCU and thus we need to inves gate poten al mi ga ons to reduce ryegrass see sha er at the combine head.
Effective start/end date9/1/2312/31/24


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association: $16,000.00


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