IPA Agreement for John Main

  • Main, John (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. John Main will take over the management of the Defense Sciences Office (DSO) initiatives in Exoskeleton and Compact Hybrid Actuators. In this capacity, Dr. Main will be responsible for translating technical proposals into workable financial and administrative plans and integrating individual research programs into coherent scientific and technical projects. This will ensure that breakthroughs in fundamental materials science and advances in component design and processing technologies will lead to demonstrations of practical use for the DoD. Dr. Main will also recommend the initiation, reorientation, or conclusion of individual research projects and assure that the necessary agreements are obtained to provide for a timely transfer of DARPA supported programs .and technologies to the Services. Dr. Main will evaluate and fund, as appropriate, unsolicited proposals and will launch new research programs designed to exploit the advantages of advanced materials growth, fabrication, and component/system integration technologies for specific DoD applications. Finally, Dr. Main will originate and seek out new research and development ideas, concepts, and experiments that have potential applicability to the DARPA/DSO mission and manage other programs at DARPA as assigned.
Effective start/end date8/19/028/18/06


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