IPA Agreement for Victor Marek

  • Marek, Victor (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


This assignment ,will give Professor Marek an opportunity to work on mathematical problems of the National Security Agency. These problems engage the largest workforce of American mathematicians and provide uniquely sophisti.cated, subtle, and broad-ranged work. However. because of the sensitive. classified nature of many of the problems, they can only be worked on within NSA. By visiting NSA for this sabbatical period, Professor Marek will increase his mathematical exposure and broaden his experience by working with NSA researchers and NSA.s unique problems. He will return to the University of Kentucky with these enhanced skills and will be able to share his new insights with the faculty and students. The United States Government in turn will benefit from the National Security Agency having Professor Marek work on their problems for the term of his sabbatical. Further, NSA's mathematicians will benefit from the new ideas and fresh approaches that he will bring to the table.
Effective start/end date1/2/0912/31/09


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