IPA: Musculoskeletal Injury, Psychological Distress, and Suicide Among Military Veterans: Understanding Co-Morbidities, Disparities, and Barriers to Healthcare Access

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Matthew C. Hoch, PhD, ATC, co-investigator, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition and an investigator within the Sports Medicine Research Institute at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Hoch’s research focuses on the effects of musculoskeletal injury and physical rehabilitation on patient-reported function, perceived musculoskeletal health, and patient-centered care in service members and athletes. As co-I, Dr. Hoch will contribute to the overall study design, data processing, and the interpretation and dissemination of the results.
Effective start/end date9/1/209/1/21


  • Veterans Affairs: $3,954.00


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