iPIPE: Corn Component

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1. To engage other Extension professionals, crop consultants and/or producers in using this component of the iPIPE, addressing significant arthropod, pathogen and weed pests of corn, in particular addressing IPM for southern rust. 2. To engage and mentor undergraduate summer interns each year that will scout for diseases and pests in the field and contribute observations to the iPiPE. 3. To update and make available (linked to iPiPE) management guidelines for important pests in commodity (including targeted new, foreign or emerging pests). 4. To monitor incoming pest observations during growing season, provide commentary when appropriate on pests of commodity, and to and participate in a "blog" for target commodity. 5. To use iPiPE to drive stakeholder education programs for frequently misidentified and new pests if relevant. 6. To collaborate with with iPiPE Evaluation Team to assess use by and benefit of iPiPE to stakeholders in target commodity. 7. To collaborate with project leadership and other participants in sharing data, evaluating processes and results, and refining project design.
Effective start/end date3/1/162/28/19


  • North Carolina State University: $77,229.00


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