IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management: 2022 IR-4 Minor Use Pesticide Liaison

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IR-4 2022-23 Project Scope Title: State Liaison for the Minor Use Pesticide Program Investigator: Ric Bessin Extension Professor University of Kentucky Department of Entomology S-225 Ag. Science Building North Lexington, KY 40546 Duration: July 1, 2022 until June 31, 2023 Dr. Bessin will survey stakeholders to identify new pesticide needs for specialty crops in Kentucky as well as communicating with Extension Specialists across disciplines to ensure needs are recognized. Important needs will generate new pesticide clearance requests through the IR-4 project website. Objectives: 1. Ensure Kentucky priorities are transmitted to Southern Region. 2. Argue for Kentucky and regional priorities for competitive project funding. Bessin IR-4 Proposal Page 1
Effective start/end date8/1/227/31/23


  • University of Florida: $1,944.00


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