IR-4 Study of the Efficacy of Insecticides Against the Rice Root Aphid on Hemp

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IR-4 Scope of Work A researcher within the university system is selected by IR-4 to conduct pesticide research in food use for specialty crops or environmental horticulture. Research focuses on 1) crop sample collection to evaluate residue levels for the purpose of establishing tolerances, 2) efficacy and crop safety of pest control technology for use in specialty food crops, or 3) efficacy and crop safety of pest control technology for use in environmental horticulture. Research scientists from land-grant universities are responsible for conducting product performance trials and collect residue samples that generate data to support project requests. The project requests identify a problem and potential solution for specialty crop growers. These requests come from the public sector. All field researchers receive their funding through subcontract agreements. Awards will be given using a fee-for-service approach. Costs for efficacy trials, environmental horticulture trials, and biopesticides trials are negotiated with the researcher and discussed during the National Research Planning Meeting that is conducted annually. Difficult or complicated trials are identified in the planning meeting to receive supplemental funding. Fee-for-service agreements are made with the research institution to support personnel, land and facility use, crop growth (soil preparation, planting, fertilization, irrigation, maintenance, pesticide applications, etc.), and supplies purchases to conduct research trials.
Effective start/end date8/1/237/31/24


  • University of Florida: $16,666.00


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