IRP Task Order #2 - Registration Repository Clearinghouse Modernization - Phase 1

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IRP Registration Repository Clearinghouse Modernization-Phase 1 The IRP Clearinghouse system was developed to make the exchange of CMV registration fees amongst IRP members more efficient and cost-effective. While the current system satisfies this need, over the years, an increased interest in CMV registration data has necessitated a more robust system that allows members to use the registration data to forecast vehicles traffic on their infrastructure, understand impact of fee changes and revenue projections, and ultimately check for valid registration data for safety purposes. The current system is very limited as far as extracting and reporting data. Additionally, the electronic verification of registration credential records at the roadside, is a goal of the community for assuring authentic credentials, limiting fraud and ensuring safety. The IRP community, as led by the IRP Board of Directors has determined a strategic path that places the modernization of the Clearinghouse and registration data repository as the first priority. The IRP Clearinghouse Modernization project will improve CMV safety by developing and deploying a new Clearinghouse system that houses an electronic registration record, in addition to hosting valuable data elements that can be utilized by law enforcement. This project will focus on improving CMV data quality and timeliness as a result of more stringent requirements on the data from IRP, Inc. This task order is for project management services, provided by KTC, for Phase 1 of the modernized IRP registration data repository or Clearinghouse. KTC will lead the project team, comprised of IRP Inc., staff and jurisdiction members (Project Team) in the development of requirements and issuance and evaluation of solicitation responses for the modernized repository. The objective of this task is to award a contract for the implementation of a modernized, robust repository of IRP CMV Registration data that, in addition to the current registration payment netting process, will be used as a source of CMV registration records for electronic verification of credentials and enhanced IRP CMV data reporting. The IRP Clearinghouse Modernization project will result in a high-quality, timely, and complete vehicle registration database that is readily accessible to enforcement in all states and Canadian provinces. This effort focuses mainly on modernizing the data exchange architecture for electronic credential verification and enhanced reporting of CMV registration data.
Effective start/end date6/3/198/28/20


  • International Registration Plan Incorporated: $258,751.00


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