IRP Task Order # 4: Master Management Consulting Services Agreement

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Abstract IRP Task Order # 4, MASTER MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES AGREEMENT The purpose of this task order is for the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) to provide project management, research, planning, and other services as needed for IRP, Inc. These services will be in support of IRP, Inc.’s Board of Directors, Staff, and membership. The objective for this effort is for KTC to provide assistance that supports the accomplishment of IRP, Inc.’s goals. The KTC Team will host a monthly meeting with Tim Adams (and/or his representative) to discuss progress, priorities, and next steps for this project. Other meetings will be scheduled as needed by IRP, Inc. or KTC. The KTC Team will create progress reports and provided detailed spreadsheets accounting for hours billed to this project. KTC will conduct internal meetings with staff assigned to this project to coordinate activities on an as needed basis. KTC will assist with the development of a new strategic plan for IRP, Inc. KTC will plan to meet Tim Adams and/or other members of IRP, Inc. leadership to discuss their specific needs for their plan update. KTC anticipates meeting with the Board with Teams to discuss the needs of IRP, Inc. and the process that will be utilized for the strategic planning development. KTC will utilize input from these meeting and other meetings with IRP, Inc. leadership to develop a process for strategic plan development. KTC will attend and facilitate a 2-day session with Board members, IRP, Inc. staff and others as identified by IRP, Inc. It is anticipated that the focus of the session will be to create values, goals, strategic, and tactics using consensus workshop methods. KTC will document the results of this session and provide to IRP, Inc. KTC will assist IRP, Inc. with its grant writing efforts, as well provide support for the submission of grant applications. The KTC Team will review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and meet with IRP, Inc. leadership to discuss project ideas. Once projects are identification, KTC will work with the appropriate stakeholders to gather information and craft the relevant project and budget narratives. Follow-up meetings will be setup as needed to gather data and review and finalize the materials. KTC will provide support to IRP, Inc. with newly established working groups. Specifically, IRP, Inc. has requested assistance the Mileage-based User Fee (MBUF) and Electronic Credentials working groups. The KTC Team will participate on these working group with subject-matter experts as available. KTC may also support planning for this meeting as well as record meeting minutes. KTC will assist IRP, Inc. with succession planning. KTC will offer a process for IRP, Inc. to identify critical positions and tasks within their organization. This may include KTC facilitation a session with IRP, Inc. staff. The KTC team will assist with this process as requested by IRP, Inc. KTC will also assist with the identification of what skillsets are needed for staffing (both currently and in the future). This will also include assistance with planning for replacing key staff members. It is anticipated that the KTC will provide assistance and support with this process.
Effective start/end date2/21/239/30/25


  • International Registration Plan Incorporated: $90,000.00


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