IRP Task Order #5, Formation of A Prism-focused Working Group to Address MCRS Issues and Expanded Prism Requirement

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Abstract TO # 5 FORMATION OF A PRISM-FOCUSED WORKING GROUP TO ADDRESS MCRS ISSUES AND EXPANDED PRISM REQUIREMENTS With the implementation of the IDR and the progress on data quality issues, IRP, Inc. has reached the point where they want to focus on some PRISM-related improvements. One of which deals with the update of the MCRS on the vehicle’s registration. The Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety (MCRS) is just as the name implies, it is the motor carrier that is responsible for compliance with driver and vehicle safety regulations. The MCRS is foundational to the PRISM program. The license plate number should be linked back to the MCRS. Changes happen often as lease agreements often result in a change to the MCRS. Jurisdictions try to require motor carriers to notify them of this change but have no way of knowing if changes are being reported as requested. Paper credentials mean that new credentials must be issued by the jurisdictions. This cost is often passed on to the motor carriers. Due to the time and cost associated with the change, the motor carrier is not motivated to make these updates, especially considering there are no real consequences for failing to do so. This creates significant problems in identifying the MCRS for PRISM and screening purposes. The problem is so significant that PRISM even tracks MCRS discrepancies, a list of inspections where the MCRS is recorded at the roadside is different from the MCRS in the SAFER database. The IDR can help address this problem because it allows for the move to an electronic credential for enforcement which should help to simplify the issues and introduce new opportunities to address the problem. KTC will manage this project to ensure that work is completed as outlined. KTC will also be responsible for summarizing the work accomplished by the working group, the process that was utilized, and the findings. KTC will have a staff member that participates on all PRISM-Focus working group meetings and keeps detailed notes related to the meetings. An additional KTC representative will attend in-person meetings to provide facilitation services. KTC will also assist with quarterly reports to FMCSA as requested.
Effective start/end date1/1/249/30/25


  • International Registration Plan Incorporated: $34,998.00


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