ITR/NGS: Collaborative Research: DDDAS: Data Dynamic Simulation for Disaster Management

  • Douglas, Craig (PI)

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The unifying scope "fthis DDDAS (dynamic datadriven applications system) \\'orkshop. "will address a new paradigm of symbiotic application and measurement systems, namely applications that can accept and respond dynamically to new data injected into the executing application, and reversely. the ability of such application systems to dynamically control the measurement processes. The synergistic feedback control-loop bet\veen application simulations and measurements can open new domains in the capabilities of simulations \vith high potential pay-off: create applications with new and enhanced analysis and prediction capabilities and enable a new methodology for more efficient and effective measurement processes. This new paradigm has the potential to transform the \••a..y science and engineering are done. with major impad in the \'oraymany functions in our society are conducted. such as manufacturing, commerce. transportation, hazard prediction/management. and medicine. The workshop will present such nev.,.opportunities. as weB as the challenges and approaches in the applications'. algorithms' and systems' soft\\/are technologies needed to enable such capabilities. and \vill showcase ongoing research in these aspects with examples from several important application areas:' [DDDAS \\'orkshop abstract. Ices 2007] The DDDAS workshop has been held with great sw:cess in conjunction \vith the International Conference on Computational Sciences (leeS) since 2003. The principal investigators from the lTR. DDDAS, and other NSF programs have gathered and disseminated yearly progress reports to the science and engineering community and researchers from broader technical areas. This concept is of increasing recognition and importance. as exemplified by the extensive inclusion of DDDAS in the NSF blue ribbon panel on SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science), which stated that DDDAS is a revolutionary and important direction. originated in the U.S ., is receiving international recognition. and that the L.S. should not lose leadership in this area. The \\/orkshop has a catalytic effect. a cross fertilization of projects. where ideas are formulated and refined. and suggestions are offered from one group to others. It has resulted in higher efficiency of research by leveraging the concepts. codes. and experiences in the tield by other groups. It has spa','med new cooperative research between groups that have not worked together.
Effective start/end date5/15/078/31/09


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