Jefferson County: Route: River Road Phase III Archaeological Data Recovery Item #5-91.01

  • Ahler, Steven (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


This proposal has been prepared in response to a request from staff of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Division of Environmental Analysis for a proposal and cost estimate for producing a final report for the combined Phase II NRHP eligibility evaluation and Phase III archaeological data recovery investigations conducted at the Eva Bandman site (15JF668; aka River Road project) in Jefferson County, Kentucky. The University of Kentucky program for Archaeological Research (UK-PAR) conducted Phase II investigations in 2000, while the Phase III data recovery field investigations were conducted intermittently in 2001, 2002, and 2003. The draft report for this project was submitted to KYTC on 30 August 2005. However, KYTC and Kentucky Heritage Council comments on the draft report were not received until 9 January 2009. By that date, the UK-PAR staff had completely turned over, and there were no funds remaining for addressing comments, revising the reports, and producing the final report for this important project. James Hixon requested from UK-PAR a brief proposal for completing the final report, justification for a request for additional funds, and a budget/cost estimate.
Effective start/end date3/14/136/30/14


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