Jewish Culture in Kentucky and Beyond: Growth, Access, Sustainability, and Scholarship with Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence Scholars Program

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With two years of funding from the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, the Interdisciplinary Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Kentucky has piloted a program to support undergraduate study and research in Jewish Studies, the JHFE Scholars Program. Within its commitment to recognizing and nurturing diversity of people, ideas and scholarship in Kentucky, the University has been working to raise the breadth and depth of its Jewish Studies program. As part of this effort, the JHFE Scholars Program recruits students to the Jewish Studies Minor and engages these undergraduates in courses, research and service that will develop them as people knowledgeable about Jewish heritage, as researchers able to investigate the past and present of Jewish life, and as leaders who appreciate the contributions of the Jewish community here and beyond. Through their involvement in classes, with the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence-funded Kentucky Jewish Oral History project, and with Jewish Studies Program events, these scholars also contribute to invigorating the environment for Jewish student life on campus. We now request funds to continue this opportunity for a second group of undergraduates at the University of Kentucky and to build on this momentum. Our goals for the JHFE Scholars Program are to accomplish the following: Recruit students interested in pursuing a Jewish Studies minor to the University of Kentucky Provide undergraduates with guided research and leadership experience Enhance Jewish student life at UK Continue to build and curate the JHFE Kentucky Jewish Oral History Archive Promote Kentucky Jewish Heritage
Effective start/end date8/1/1712/31/22


  • Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence: $67,000.00


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