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Cancer survivors’ quality of life is a constant concern during and after medical treatment. Physical and emotional pain and stress, as well as many other physical discomforts may be experienced. Medications utilized to manage these symptoms can contribute other unwanted effects. There is a need for integrative therapies that address cancer survivors’ distress without adding to their burden. Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), is the ancient art balancing the body’s energy system utilizing light touch to harmonize energetic pathways resulting in deep relaxation and a decrease in uncomfortable physical and/or emotional symptoms. The JSJ practitioner administers this touch to 26 main energetic center on the body in specific steps called flows while the recipient remains fully clothed. At the UK Markey Cancer Center patients predominately receive JSJ in a special treatment room while lying on their back on a padded massage table. Patients are also seen as time permits in the chemotherapy clinic, inpatient rooms, post-op and ICU. 50% of patients are directly referred by MCC physicians and staff. Patients are asked to assess themselves pre and post session for pain, stress and nausea. A 2011 study determined the probability for patients to receive benefit from JSJ in these three areas was high (P =
Effective start/end date5/1/154/30/16


  • Susan G Komen Foundation Lexington Affiliate: $10,530.00


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