JWST Wide Area 3D Parallel Survey

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We propose to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by Pure Parallel Mode to perform a wide area near-infrared spectroscopic survey with JWST/NIRISS. We propose a slitless spectroscopy campaign covering 1000 arcmin^2 via bonus parallel observations, providing F150W+F200W rest frame optical 2D spectra and secure redshifts for 60,000 galaxies at 1<z<5. z="5,">11 bright galaxies and other rare objects at all redshifts. The size of the survey will also enable data driven discovery with advanced machine learning approaches revealing novelties and surprises in the early Universe.</z<5.>
Effective start/end date11/1/2310/31/26


  • Space Telescope Science Institute: $11,537.00


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